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Steam Cleaning Tampa FL

Okay, I have to call this video out for putting out some false information since it names Chem-Dry specifically.  I have worked for Chem-Dry of Tampa FL for about 5 years and I can tell you that lumping Chem-Dry in with other types of cleaning besides steam cleaning is misleading and false. 

Chem-Dry uses a steam cleaning process called hot carbonated extraction (HCE). It's the same process as steam cleaning or hot water extraction (HWE) mentioned in this video. Hot carbonated extractions is more powerful then hot water extraction because of the carbonated bubbles in the cleaning solution.

Now to be fair Chem-dry's cleaning process did start out as a spray and bonnet method of cleaning. It's now affectionately called the legacy cleaning system, and some customers still prefer that method, but it's not as good as HCE cleaning. Spray and bonnet cleaning involves spraying a cleaning solution on the carpet and then going over it with a carpet bonnet, on a buffing machine, to remove the soil. The spinning bonnet is a lot like a big towel that soaks up all the cleaning solution and dirt.

Chem-Dry's steam cleaning system is 66% more effective at removing soil then bonnet cleaning methods.  I believe this video is mostly true but the I have to say that Chem-Dry's steam cleaning system is misrepresented and I could not let that go without clarification. Chem-Dry's steam cleaning system is the best in the industry.

For steam cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.