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Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

Are your carpet and rug in need of cleaning? If your not getting them cleaned annually, you're missing out on some of the health benefits of clean living. Your rugs were designed to be a healthy alternative to wood flooring and are great for trapping allergens and keeping them out of your breathing zone.  So when was your last rug cleaning again? If you live in Tampa FL your rugs are under a constant onslaught of dust and silica. That silica falls to the bottom of your rug and slowly starts to grind at the fibers, like sand paper, wearing your rugs out. A good rug cleaning done by a professional rug cleaner can remove a lot of that debris, removing dirt and adding years to the life of your rug. 

Annual rug cleaning is a great way to maintain your investment and keep your rugs looking like new. Vacuuming alone can not remove the fine material and debris that builds up in your rug over time. A deep cleaning is essential to keep them looking their best.  The first step in any good rug cleaning is beating the rug to remove as much debris and dry soil as possible. Then a good old fashion vacuuming will help remove the loosened soil that still remains. These steps alone can remove a pound and a half of soil before anything else is done. 

After the dry soil removal is done the wet cleaning process begins. The rug is wetted and brushed to ensure that any remaining soils are emulsified. This makes it easier for the soils to be extracted. The final step is rinsing and extracting the emulsified soils. Leaving a clean rug that ready to use for another year.

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