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Office Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

These pictures are from an office cleaning in Tampa FL performed by Chem-Dry of Tampa.  This company has a lot of glue down carpet tiles and a pet friendly work environment.  The owner brings his dog to work on a daily basis.  The office mascot has accidents every once and a while. These accidents have caused a few problems in the sales area.  The good news is that they had no urine odors in the office only spots left behind after they cleaned up the urine.

We performed their office carpet cleaning over the weekend while no one was in the office. We would have loved to have been their Monday morning to see them come into a spotless carpet. I'm sure they where happy to see that the urine spots had been removed.  The after picture was taken once the carpet had completely dried so there is no risk of the spots coming back due to wicking. This amazing carpet cleaning can be performed on any commercial carpet without risk of damaging the glue or adhesive that holds the carpet in place.  

If you need a safe and effective office carpet cleaning in the Tampa FL area consider giving us a call for a free in office estimate. We can clean your office carpet off hours without interrupting your office work flow. Amazingly fast dry times ensures that the carpet is fresh, clean, and dry for the next days business.

For commercial carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.