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How to Clean Marble Tampa FL

This video demonstrates how to clean marble and other natural stone surfaces in one simple step.  There a lot of homes in Tampa FL that have Marble and other natural stone surfaces all of them need special care.  This product allows you to not only safely clean these natural materials but seal them as well. It's as easy as pulling a wipe from the container and wiping down the surface. In less than 30 seconds you can properly care for those specialty surfaces in your home. So what is this mystery cleaner? It’s Chem-Dry’s Tile and stone cleaner called Ensure.  Watch the video to see it in action.

Ensure is Ph neutral product that is safe for everyday cleaning.  One wipe can clean an entire granite countertop while sealing it at the same time.  No need to bring in stone sealers or a professional cleaner, safely maintain your natural stone surfaces in one easy step. Call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL today and we will deliver a bottle of wipes at no extra cost to you.

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