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Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

These photos are from a carpet cleaning service performed by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL. Our carpet cleaning services involves a unique hot carbonated cleaning solution that removes dirt and grime without dirt attracting soaps or detergents. Cleaning the carpet with carbonation solves a lot of problems that are associated with steam cleaning.  Carbonation based carpet cleaning uses a lot less moisture, about 80% less then your typical steam cleaning.  That means that carpet is not left soaking wet nor is the pad underneath.  The average dry time for our carpet cleaning service is 2 hours.  That means you can be back on your freshly cleaned carpet after a few hours. That's a big plus here in Tampa FL where the humidity is often very high.

Carpet cleaning  with a carbonated solution is extremely powerful. The bubbles in the rinsing agent actually scrub the carpet fibers and lift soil and dirt to the surface for extraction.  I have cleaned thousands of carpets and there is nothing like a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning.  

Another important aspect of carpet cleaning with carbonation is the fact that no soaps or toxic detergents are used by the cleaning agent.  This means our cleaning solution is green certified and safe for your entire family.  

Carpet cleaning in Tampa FL