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Best Carpet Stain Remover Tampa FL

As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I get asked all the time "What is the best carpet stain remover?" The answer is pretty simple but lets go over a few things first. There are a lot of over the counter carpet stain removers on the market and literally hundreds of DIY carpet stain removers online. Some work really well and some don't, and always be cautious of trying any DIY cleaners. I've seen too many damaged carpets from people just trusting what they see online without testing it first.

They all work the same way. A lot of soap and surfactants that help break surface tension and allow you to remove the carpet stain.  The real problem with these soap laden carpet stain removers is that leave a pretty heavy residue behind that attracts more dirt. Have you ever cleaned a carpet stain and then a few days later it just seemed to come back?  That stain that just seems to magically appear comes from all the soapy residue that was left behind from your carpet stain remover.

So back to the original question: what's the best carpet stain remover? Chem-Dry's world famous line of carpet stain removers.  There are three main products that are designed for at home carpet cleaning: World Famous Spot Remover, World Famous Grease and Oil Remover, and World Famous Pet Odor Remover. They are all amazing carpet cleaning products that remove carpet stains without leaving any dirt attracting residues behind. I have used these products on the job daily and in my own home when necessary. They are stronger than over the counter products and much safer for you, your family, and your carpets.

So if these carpet stain removers are so great why haven't you heard about them? Well you can't buy them online or in a store. You can only buy them from your local Chem-Dry franchise. They use them on professional cleaning jobs. In Tampa FL you can call Chem-Dry of Tampa and we will deliver you any of these products to your home at no extra charge.

For the best carpet stain remover in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.