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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I see this affordable carpet cleaning signs all over Tampa FL and I have to smile every time I see one.  I'm a professional carpet cleaner and I know a lot about the carpet cleaning industry. I can tell you that I carpet cleaner who is cleaning your carpet for $9.95 a room is just super soaking your carpet with a cheap carpet cleaning solution, or worse just water at high pressure.  

Here's the rub. Steam carpet cleaning is the most popular method of carpet cleaning, but steam cleaning doesn't involve any steam. It's actually hot water extraction. This means that any carpet cleaner with cleaning equipment can clean carpets with just that, hot water. So here's a big tip for you. If the carpet cleaner you hire shows up at your house and asks where he can hook up his hose to your house, tell him to go away. That affordable carpet cleaner is about to soak your carpet with a lot of hot water and pressure.  Your carpet can be wet for a couple of days.  I hear it from my customers all the time. "I called an affordable carpet cleaning service and they came out and cleaned my carpet. It was wet for days and looked worse then it did when they got here."

Tampa FL carpet cleaners who run $10 a room specials and $99.00 whole house cleanings aren't quality carpet cleaners. They maximize profit by minimizing their cleaning power.  They're counting on you to book an appointment and when they get their they up sell you on added services. Some charge for pre-sprays or spot treatments. They even charge extra for grooming the carpet afterwards. Don't get sucked in by affordable carpet cleaning tricks. Call a professional who will give you a fair and honest price for a full carpet cleaning service.

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